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Church Choir

           We believe that music is a vital and intrinsic part of worship, and as well as giving a much-valued lead in the singing of hymns and songs, our four-part choir makes its own particular contribution on almost every Sunday of the year by presenting a piece of music to complement the theme of the service.

 Who are we ?
           There are about a dozen of us - sopranos, altos, tenors (yes, tenors !) and basses - and we are all active and enthusiastic members of the church.  Some of us are singers of long and wide experience, while some of us are still developing our skills, but all of us enjoy using the talents we have been given to praise God and contribute to the worship.

 What do we sing ?
            Allowing for relatively small numbers, we'll have a go at most things !  The aim is to use the whole range of musical styles, forms and periods to find material which will contribute to worship and, if possible, complement the theme of each service.  So on one Sunday we may sing a traditional four-part anthem, on another it might be a modern worship-song, on another an arrangement of a song from Africa, or China or the Caribbean, or a piece from the Iona Community.  Depending upon which is most appropriate, we may use organ or piano accompaniment or sing unaccompanied.

 When do we practise ?
On a Wednesday evening, at church, from 7.00 to 8.15 pm.  As well as working hard to achieve the best standard we can, we also have fun and enjoy each other's company - and on one Wednesday in the summer we go out for a Choir Dinner !

 Special events ?
            Yes.  Particularly for the main festivals of the Christian calendar.  At Christmas we take responsibility for a complete service, preparing carols, readings and prayers, and we also make special contributions at such times as Easter, Church Anniversary and Harvest Festival.  From time to time we are asked to prepare music for other one-off occasions, and we have been know to put on special concerts.  Further afield, we have been involved in celebrations of Christian music in other churches and at events organised by the Royal School of Church Music, to which we are affiliated.

 Anything else ?
            Yes.  We should love to welcome new singers - you don't have to have a wonderful voice or be a skilled sight-reader, you just need to be enthusiastic, willing to learn, and to want to use music to witness to the Christian gospel.

 Musical Notes

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