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Activities with Bakewell Methodist Junior School

The School visits the Church

Bakewell Methodist Junior School visited the Church on the 21st of March 2018, to participate in an Easter Service. This visit was the day after people from Bakewell Methodist Church and Bakewell Parish Church visited the School (please see more about this visit below). On the 21st of March, pupils also presented a card to retiring Foundation Governor, Mrs. Ann Hodgson. Ann served the school as a governor for 18 years.

Some of the school pupils who had parts in the Easter play
Some of the pupils who participated in the play.
Presentation to retiring governor, Mrs. Ann Hodgson
Presenting the card to Mrs. Ann Hodgson.

The Churches visit the School

People from Bakewell Methodist Church and the Bakewell Parish Church went into our Junior School on the 20th of March, to play out the events of Holy Week. We did this through songs, games, videos and craft activities – and some food, but more of that later!!

We started with Palm Sunday, and the children made big palm leaves, which meant great fun waving them around as they enacted Jesus riding into Jerusalem. There were also very hearty shouts of ‘Hosanna’! Moving on to Maundy Thursday, we had all of the children partaking in The Last Supper with bread and wine – well, Ribena actually. The young man playing Judas, decided that kissing Jesus to betray him was not quite his scene, so we compromised with a big hug.

Two cartoon videos showed the children the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus which they watched with rapt attention.

We felt that it was very important that the children didn’t go away for their holidays thinking that the death of Jesus was the end of the story, so we were able to enact the ‘happy ending’ of the risen Lord. We also talked about the fact that receiving Easter eggs, was a reminder of new life. Jesus rose so that we were able to have a new life with God. All the wrong things that we do are forgiven and we can have joy in this new life. Hopefully, as the children eat their eggs at Easter, they will remember this new life that we have been given. Of course, this also meant that we needed to give all the children an Easter egg - they were definitely not complaining!

The children took home with them an activity book that we devised for them, an Easter Comic and a small Gospel of Luke book. At their service the next day in the Methodist Church, it was lovely to hear from some of the parents about how much the children had enjoyed their day.

Front cover of the Easter comic.
Front cover of the Easter comic that the children were given.


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