Bakewell Bridge


Mission Statement

Bakewell Methodist Church seeks to help members of its Church family to grow in their relationship with God and with each other in order to bring people to Christ, to witness to God’s love, and to serve God throughout our local community and the wider world.

In all we do we will seek to work closely with our ecumenical partners in the community.

In order to do this we will 


  • Youth services and events

  • Encourage participation of children and young people in worship, particularly in music

  • Making worship more accessible to all, being creative both in content and  worship times

Learning and caring: 

  • A re-examination of children’s work

  • ABC evenings - Faith In Bakewell

  • Co-ordination of house groups and ways of growing in our faith


  • Finding out the needs of our local community

  • Alongside other churches consider our involvement with Bakewell Town Plan in the provision for young people in the Community


  • Residential Homes services - co-ordination with other denominations 

  • Welcome for newcomers in community (leaflet to take round – with ABC?)

  • Support the development of the Christian distinctiveness of Bakewell Methodist Junior School.


  • Closer working with other churches

  • Better communication through quarterly newsletter



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